Spring Flower Cupcakes

Spring Blossom Cupcakes

I really love cupcakes. They are easy to transport. They are fabulous for meetings or parties, no cutting or slicing. If you need to feed 30 people just order 30 cupcakes. Simple. But the thing I love the most about them is that there are so many ways to decorate them with buttercream. Buttercream swirls, buttercream blobs, buttercream stars and buttercream flowers. I had so much fun decorating these. The colours were so cheerful, the flowers surprisingly easy and yet so striking and really beautiful. The soft lemon cupcakes were the perfect vehicle for this delicious, silky buttercream. I may have put a whole bunch of pics on the gallery, so if you need a spring pick-me-up head over there, I am sure these guys will cheer you up! I know they cheer me up every time i look at them.

Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake

Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake on Stand_Baked by Kirsty
Crown of Crumbs crop_Baked by Kirsty
Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake by Layer crop_Baked by Kirsty

Why have a plain old party when you could have a Taste Bud Party. This Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake is the perfect cake to kick start this new series of cakes at Baked by Kirsty.


Brown Butter Cake Layers are stacked with a sweet layer of Apple Pie Filling, topped with a generous layer of salty Pie Crumbs, all pressed together and then covered with soft, fluffy Sour Cream Frosting. Repeat for extra Taste Bud action. The last Brown Butter Cake Layer provides a base for a final helping of Sour Cream Frosting adorned with the biggest Pie Crumbs in the batch, arranged in a crowning glory atop this truly decadent cake. Keeping the sides bare naked gives you a glimpse of the components that make up all Taste Bud Party Cakes, enticing you to dig in.



Small in stature but big on taste, Taste Bud Party Cakes are perfect for a small Birthday with a few friends, a special dessert after a Sunday braai, or even after a fancy dinner party. With layers of flavours that are all delicious on their own, but together will have your taste buds all-a-tingle. Rustic and delectable, a real taste sensation.


The Apple Pie Filling soaks into the soft Brown Butter layers giving the cake a spicy kick. The crunch from the Pie Crumbs adds a dimension of interest and along with the Sour Cream Frosting rounds of the bite into an eyes-closed mouthful of dreaminess.


Has to be tasted to be fully appreciated!

Anyway you slice it

Checkerboard Layers_Baked by Kirsty
Marble Layers_Baked by Kirsty

Surprises are just awesome! And even though you are expecting cake, imagine the excitement when there is an extra surprise inside with colourful layers or a mix of flavours.


I am very grateful to customers who are kind enough to send me pics once they have sliced their cakes for serving. It gives me a chance to share in the delight when the layers are revealed.


The Rainbow Cake in the previous post reminded me that I have these to showcase. Checkerboard Layers are quite easy to do but the effect is wonderful. And Marbling is a great way to combine two flavours. Plus it looks so glorious.


Rainbow Layer Cake

Rainbow Layers_Baked by Kirsty

Rainbows are colourful and so magical. And at Baked by Kirsty, Rainbow cakes are just as colourful and magical and they taste good too. When you first cut into a rainbow cake, its colourful layers will take your breath away, and may even bring your party to a standstill. But only for a short moment, because once the squeals of delight have died down and the slices are served, the party will be in full swing again. Whether you choose bright and bold tones like this one or you prefer soft pastel colours, a Rainbow Layer Cake will make your celebration an occasion to remember.

Chocolate Easter Cake

Chocolate Easter Cake with torn Buttercream Inside Shot_Baked by Kirsty
Chocolate Easter Cake with torn Buttercream_Baked by Kirsty

This delightful Chocolate Easter Cake was made with Chocolate Velvet Cake layers, sandwiched with Vanilla Condensed Milk Buttercream. To create this striking torn and broken buttercream effect, a layer of chocolate buttercream was covered top and bottom with a spring fresh lemon-yellow buttercream. The chocolate buttercream showing through was a perfect background for some buttercream grass with candy Easter Eggs nestled about and a chocolate Easter Bunny or three.

Signature Biscuit Box Cake – Oreo

Signature Biscuit Box Cake ft Oreos_Baked by Kirsty

The only problem with constructing a Signature Biscuit Box Cake featuring Oreo Cookies is when to stop adding Oreo’s. Boy are boy are these cookies delicious! It is possible to bake Oreo Cookie crumbs into the cake but for this one we exercised some restraint, we did, however add Oreo cookie crumbs to the buttercream and pressed the few left over crumbs onto the side for a delicious Oreo crumb skirt. We also used them to coat the Oreo cake truffles and to make Oreo Cake Crumbs that were hidden in the buttercream between the layers for a surprise crunch.

Taking inspiration from the Oreo Cookies themselves this cake was made from Velvet Chocolate cake layers sandwiched with white Vanilla Condensed Milk Buttercream and sprinkled with crunchy Oreo Cake Crumbs. Then we lovingly covered the cake with Oreo Buttercream frosting and went to town decorating with chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies, buttercream filled Oreo Cookies, chocolate shards with Oreo bits and Oreo buttercream swirls. Whilst a chocolate drip is optional we think it takes this cake to the next level of deliciousness as does the addition of Cake truffles. It is also possible that a few Lindt chocolate balls got in on the fun and found their way onto the top of this cake.

What would you include on your Signature Biscuit Box Cake? Or even inside? Include it all in your order if you dare!


Vintage Cake Collection

Vintage Cake Collection Showcase-2_Baked by Kirsty

Once upon a time a birthday cake was a simple but exciting treat. All it needed was a few candles and maybe some Hundreds & Thousands. These cakes are my tribute to those simpler times. They are all about the cake, with simple and neat buttercream frosting, soft vintage colours, a blank canvas for you to add candles, a cake topper, bunting or balloons. And let us know if you would like sprinkles – we have great mixes that will compliment your cake.



Some flavour combinations to consider:

Vanilla on Vanilla

Chocolate on Chocolate

Lemon on Lemon or maybe with Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla on Chocolate

Classic Birthday Cake – Yellow Butter Cake with Chocolate Buttercream

The cakes from the Vintage Cake Collection will be equally at home for a graduation, baby shower or house warming party. Timeless elegance no matter the occasion.


Vintage Heritage Buttercream Colours_Baked by Kirsty
Vintage Collection Pink Purple_Baked by Kirsty
Vintage Collection White Purple_Baked by Kirsty
Vintage Collection  Purple Yellow Green_Baked by Kirsty

Sketch vs final Cake

When a client asks for a Signature Cake I really try to make each one individual and unique. The basic structure of each Signature Cake remains common, for example they all comprise of cake layers sandwiched with buttercream, smooth iced and then decorated. But it is in the decorations that I try to add a unique touch. Often this needs to be communicated to the client and so I resort to sketches. Now please let me make it very clear – I am not an artist and these are very rough sketches but I am rather pleased to see that my ideas, however roughly mapped onto paper, have translated quite well into the final cakes.


Cake - Chocolate & Raspberry Signature_Baked by Kirsty
Chocolate Shop Sketch


Signature Chocolate Shop Cake.

Flavour: Chocolate and Raspberry

Cake: Chocolate Velvet Cake layers, sandwiched and covered with Chocolate Heritage Buttercream.

Decorations: Raspberry Meringue Rose Lollipops, Chocolate Discs with sprinkles and Raspberry bits, Lindt Raspberry Sensations and Chocolate Drip.


Ice Cream Parlour Sketch

Signature Ice Cream Parlour Cake.

Flavour: Classic Vanilla

Cake: Vanilla Velvet Cake layers, sandwiched and covered with Vanilla Heritage Buttercream.

Decorations: Ice Cream Dropped Cone made of a cake ball ice-cream and wafer cone, a Cupcake Shake made of a vanilla cupcake with buttercream and chocolate, topped with a jelly cherry and straws, Cupcake Sundae made of cupcake layers in a sundae cup with buttercream and Chocolate Drip topped with a jelly cherry and spoon and finally a mini buttercream wafer cone on the side. Rainbow sprinkles and buttercream swirls finish it all off with a sprinkling of colour.



Merry Monster Sketch


Signature Cakes with Character – Merry Monster

Flavour: Chocolate and Orange

Cake: Chocolate Velvet Cake layers, sandwiched and covered with Orange Curd Condensed Milk Buttercream.

Decorations: Furry buttercream coating, chocolate mouth and topped with marshmallow stalk eyes with Candy eyes and buttercream hair oh and hairy eyeballs LOL!


Candyland Sketch
Cake - Candyland Signature with Smarties_Baked by Kirsty


Signature Candyland Cake

Flavour: Vanilla Velvet

Cake: Vanilla Velvet Cake layers, sandwiched and covered with Vanilla Condensed Milk Buttercream.

Decorations: Chocolate discs decorated with whole and bits of Smarties, Chocolate letter G, Smarties on the sides and rainbow sprinkles, buttercream swirls. The sketch noted Smartie coloured drips but “just chocolate” was the request. This shows that the sketch helps when preparing a cake to specification so that changes can be made to the final cake.

Signature Cakes with Character – Merry Monster

Merry Monster Cake-Chocolate Orange_Baked by Kirsty




Hope I didn’t scare you but that’s my name, Boo!

I am a Stalk-Eyed Monster Cake that Baked by Kirsty made especially for Halloween.


My Orange Curd Condensed Milk Buttercream fur tastes really good with my three Chocolate Velvet Cake layers.


You can tell my age by the number of eyes I have. And in case you were wondering … they are made of marshmallows and candy sweets perched on handy lollipop stalks – so you can grab them and eat every bit! Except the lollipop sticks – please don’t eat those! Maybe I could join you for your next Halloween party and with a bit of luck you might get the hairy eyeball!


Signature Cakes with Character – Mystical Unicorn

Mystical Unicorn Cake-Vanilla Velvet_Baked by Kirsty

It seems appropriate that the first Signature Cakes with Characters at Baked by Kirsty was this glorious Mystical Unicorn Cake.


6 softly coloured layers of Vanilla Velvet cake sandwiched with Heritage Ermine Buttercream make up the body of this fantastic creature. Topped with a golden Unicorn Horn and Ears and piped buttercream mane swirls cascading over the top and down the side. This Unicorn cake sits patiently with her Unicorn cupcakes beside her and beautiful eyelashes just waiting to make your birthday dreams come true.