‌Signature Candyland Cake – Smarties‌

Signature Candyland Cake ft Smarties-Vanilla_Baked by Kirsty

They are colourful and filled with chocolate but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have vanilla cake layers and vanilla buttercream with chocolate and Smarties decorations! This Signature Candyland Cake was made to order “Vanilla everything with Smarties on top”. Chocolate discs made with bits of Smarties and sprinkle dots sit on top of this glorious Vanilla Velvet Cake. 3 layers sandwiched with Condensed Milk Buttercream, pillowy swirls and chocolate drip all scattered with Smarties, bit and small and ditto on the colourful sprinkle dots and hundreds and thousands. It’s an all round wonder of colour and yumminess.

Signature Ice Cream Parlour Cake

Signature Ice-Cream Parlor Cake-Decor_Baked by Kirsty

We all know that dropping your ice-cream is the saddest thing of all time. But not if you drop it on your Ice Cream Parlour cake. This glorious cake can be any flavour you like, just like ice-cream. So choose vanilla or chocolate. Or maybe strawberry? How about mint? Baked by Kirsty will then bake up delicious Cake layers, and other Cake decorations and Cupcakes that all go into assembling your dropped and dripping Ice-cream Cone Cake, Cake Sundae and Cupcake Shake. All this is perched on top of your chosen cake layers sandwiched with your choice of buttercream, swirls and not forgetting that chocolate drip. Sprinkles and straws finish off the look with cherries, wafers and chocolate sauce or maybe marshmallows and strawberry sauce. It will be up to you to choose which bit you grab and eat first – we are sorry we cannot help you with that decision.

This is a fun party cake where ice-cream, shakes and sundaes are made of cake!


Besides being colourful and delicious we think that it would be extra fun to mix 4 Ice-Cream Parlour Flavours and Decorations. Maybe you want to try a …


Vanilla Cake with a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Cake, a Strawberry Sundae and a Banana Shake. We think it will be a taste extravaganza!



Signature Cakes

Signature Ice-Cream Parlor Cake-Vanilla_Baked by Kirsty

At Baked by Kirsty we like to offer cakes worthy of any celebration. It’s not just Birthday’s that need celebrating. Graduations, new job opportunities, house warming celebrations … I am sure you don’t need me to give you all the excuses you need to order a cake! With 4 Signature Cakes planned so far at Baked by Kirsty you are sure to find one that tickles your taste buds.


Signature – Chocolate Shop / Biscuit Box
Your favourite chocolate or biscuit replicated in a cake – these are what occasions are made for!


Signature – Ice Cream Parlour

With 3 spectacular Ice Cream Parlour treats as decoration … edible decorations mind you! – all just waiting to tempt your taste buds. For it’s wow factor the Ice Cream Parlour Cake is hard to beat.


Signature – Candyland

Take your favourite sweet and cover your favourite cake flavour with it – what do you get? A Candyland Cake of course.


Signature – Cakes with Character

Transport your Birthday party to magical places of wonder and splendor complete with Magical Creatures.  This is where you will find Unicorns, Mermaids, Reindeer and Dragons.


Signature Mint Chocolate Shop

Signature Chocolate Shop Cake ft Mint Chocolates_Baked by Kirsty

Chocolate Velvet Cake layers sandwiched with Heritage Chocolate buttercream and coated in a glorious Mint green Heritage Buttercream. Decorated with chocolate shards scattered with mint chocolate bits, minty green sprinkles, buttercream swirls with mint chocolate bars embedded in them. Someone accidentally dropped a minty Ice-Cream Cone on this cake and it has dripped over the side … purely optional of course.


Signature Chocolate Shop Cake

Signature Chocolate Shop Cake ft Raspberry Meringues_Baked by Kirsty

If chocolate is on your list of favourite things – then a Signature Chocolate Shop Cake is what you need when it is time for your next celebration. Chocolate Cake layers are sandwiched with buttercream and any flavour options that will bring your chocolate dreams to life. Drenched in a chocolate drip and topped with buttercream swirls, chocolate shards and sprinkles there may even be room for some candles if you need. Pick your favourite chocolate bar and challenge Bake by Kirsty to turn it into your celebration cake. A 15cm/6inch version with 4 layers will serve up 12 to 16 generous portions whilst the 20cm/8inch with 4 layers could be portioned to serve 24.


Occasion Cakes

Nutty Orange Carrot Cake_Baked by Kirsty

Sometimes an occasion just needs cake. A casual gathering of friends, maybe a book club meet up or a treat for a small birthday. With all-round favourites and naked or semi-naked cakes that are all about the delicious cake you are sure to find one you will like. But if buttercream is your weakness a fully coated cake with buttercream swirls and roses will be what you are after. Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon and Nutty Orange Carrot are just a few of our favourite flavours.

Semi-Naked Vanilla Cake

Semi-Naked Vanilla Tea Cake_Baked by Kirsty

This Vanilla Cake is perfect for any casual occasion. Visitors coming for tea, a book club gathering, a cake for teacher and with the addition of a few candles would even make an impromptu birthday cake. The soft buttery vanilla layers are peeking out from a thin layer of delicious Ermine Vanilla Buttercream. Also referred to as a Heritage Frosting, Ermine Buttercream is a mildly sweet buttercream made from a cooked flour pudding, beaten together with butter to a silky smooth texture that tastes just like ice-cream. Soft colours are added for a fresh effect and then piped in roses, swirls and stars. Sugar butterflies and small sprinkles finish off the minimal decorations. Purely optional of course!

Chocolate Italian Sponge Cake

Chocolate Italian Sponge_Baked by Kirsty

A versatile cake that is soft and pillowy and so easy to flavour. Vanilla and lemon are often the traditional choice and both delicious but I wanted to try a chocolate version and I was so glad I did. Lots of eggs are whipped with sugar to a thick foam and the flour and cocoa is gently folded in – very carefully so that all that wonderful air is not lost.

The baked cake is so soft – if it is baked into a tray it can be rolled into a Swiss Roll but baked in a sandwich pan yields a nice tall cake. Because of the very delicate texture this cake is wonderful paired with a silky Swiss Meringue Buttercream or a light whipped chocolate cream, yes – you read correctly. Chocolate cream! It is not suitable for stacking into a tall cake but is perfect for a tea party, a book club gathering or even as an easy dessert after a dinner party.



So it begins …

….. This Baking adventure of mine.

My to do list two weeks ago looked like this:

Register domain name and set up email

Write Website copy

Name image files for search functionality

Notes for Blog posts

Website layout

Social media profiles – Facebook and Instagram


Most of that is done and and here I am trying to write the first Blog post – the platform is not the easiest to navigate but I will get the hang of it. All I need is a picture of each cake that is not squashed into an impossibly short box – how hard can it be? Apparently very hard. So here I am resorting to writing since that seems simple enough.

I am sure once you get to read this I will have a more eloquent Blog post for you.

Until then as the Beetles once said – All you need is love cake.


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