Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake

Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake on Stand_Baked by Kirsty
Crown of Crumbs crop_Baked by Kirsty
Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake by Layer crop_Baked by Kirsty

Why have a plain old party when you could have a Taste Bud Party. This Brown Butter Apple Pie Cake is the perfect cake to kick start this new series of cakes at Baked by Kirsty.


Brown Butter Cake Layers are stacked with a sweet layer of Apple Pie Filling, topped with a generous layer of salty Pie Crumbs, all pressed together and then covered with soft, fluffy Sour Cream Frosting. Repeat for extra Taste Bud action. The last Brown Butter Cake Layer provides a base for a final helping of Sour Cream Frosting adorned with the biggest Pie Crumbs in the batch, arranged in a crowning glory atop this truly decadent cake. Keeping the sides bare naked gives you a glimpse of the components that make up all Taste Bud Party Cakes, enticing you to dig in.



Small in stature but big on taste, Taste Bud Party Cakes are perfect for a small Birthday with a few friends, a special dessert after a Sunday braai, or even after a fancy dinner party. With layers of flavours that are all delicious on their own, but together will have your taste buds all-a-tingle. Rustic and delectable, a real taste sensation.


The Apple Pie Filling soaks into the soft Brown Butter layers giving the cake a spicy kick. The crunch from the Pie Crumbs adds a dimension of interest and along with the Sour Cream Frosting rounds of the bite into an eyes-closed mouthful of dreaminess.


Has to be tasted to be fully appreciated!