Chocolate Easter Cake

Chocolate Easter Cake with torn Buttercream Inside Shot_Baked by Kirsty
Chocolate Easter Cake with torn Buttercream_Baked by Kirsty

This delightful Chocolate Easter Cake was made with Chocolate Velvet Cake layers, sandwiched with Vanilla Condensed Milk Buttercream. To create this striking torn and broken buttercream effect, a layer of chocolate buttercream was covered top and bottom with a spring fresh lemon-yellow buttercream. The chocolate buttercream showing through was a perfect background for some buttercream grass with candy Easter Eggs nestled about and a chocolate Easter Bunny or three.

Chocolate Italian Sponge Cake

Chocolate Italian Sponge_Baked by Kirsty

A versatile cake that is soft and pillowy and so easy to flavour. Vanilla and lemon are often the traditional choice and both delicious but I wanted to try a chocolate version and I was so glad I did. Lots of eggs are whipped with sugar to a thick foam and the flour and cocoa is gently folded in – very carefully so that all that wonderful air is not lost.

The baked cake is so soft – if it is baked into a tray it can be rolled into a Swiss Roll but baked in a sandwich pan yields a nice tall cake. Because of the very delicate texture this cake is wonderful paired with a silky Swiss Meringue Buttercream or a light whipped chocolate cream, yes – you read correctly. Chocolate cream! It is not suitable for stacking into a tall cake but is perfect for a tea party, a book club gathering or even as an easy dessert after a dinner party.