Rainbow Layer Cake

Rainbow Layers_Baked by Kirsty

Rainbows are colourful and so magical. And at Baked by Kirsty, Rainbow cakes are just as colourful and magical and they taste good too. When you first cut into a rainbow cake, its colourful layers will take your breath away, and may even bring your party to a standstill. But only for a short moment, because once the squeals of delight have died down and the slices are served, the party will be in full swing again. Whether you choose bright and bold tones like this one or you prefer soft pastel colours, a Rainbow Layer Cake will make your celebration an occasion to remember.

Semi-Naked Vanilla Cake

Semi-Naked Vanilla Tea Cake_Baked by Kirsty

This Vanilla Cake is perfect for any casual occasion. Visitors coming for tea, a book club gathering, a cake for teacher and with the addition of a few candles would even make an impromptu birthday cake. The soft buttery vanilla layers are peeking out from a thin layer of delicious Ermine Vanilla Buttercream. Also referred to as a Heritage Frosting, Ermine Buttercream is a mildly sweet buttercream made from a cooked flour pudding, beaten together with butter to a silky smooth texture that tastes just like ice-cream. Soft colours are added for a fresh effect and then piped in roses, swirls and stars. Sugar butterflies and small sprinkles finish off the minimal decorations. Purely optional of course!