Anyway you slice it

Checkerboard Layers_Baked by Kirsty
Marble Layers_Baked by Kirsty

Surprises are just awesome! And even though you are expecting cake, imagine the excitement when there is an extra surprise inside with colourful layers or a mix of flavours.


I am very grateful to customers who are kind enough to send me pics once they have sliced their cakes for serving. It gives me a chance to share in the delight when the layers are revealed.


The Rainbow Cake in the previous post reminded me that I have these to showcase. Checkerboard Layers are quite easy to do but the effect is wonderful. And Marbling is a great way to combine two flavours. Plus it looks so glorious.


Signature Cakes with Character – Mystical Unicorn

Mystical Unicorn Cake-Vanilla Velvet_Baked by Kirsty

It seems appropriate that the first Signature Cakes with Characters at Baked by Kirsty was this glorious Mystical Unicorn Cake.


6 softly coloured layers of Vanilla Velvet cake sandwiched with Heritage Ermine Buttercream make up the body of this fantastic creature. Topped with a golden Unicorn Horn and Ears and piped buttercream mane swirls cascading over the top and down the side. This Unicorn cake sits patiently with her Unicorn cupcakes beside her and beautiful eyelashes just waiting to make your birthday dreams come true.


‌Signature Candyland Cake – Smarties‌

Signature Candyland Cake ft Smarties-Vanilla_Baked by Kirsty

They are colourful and filled with chocolate but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have vanilla cake layers and vanilla buttercream with chocolate and Smarties decorations! This Signature Candyland Cake was made to order “Vanilla everything with Smarties on top”. Chocolate discs made with bits of Smarties and sprinkle dots sit on top of this glorious Vanilla Velvet Cake. 3 layers sandwiched with Condensed Milk Buttercream, pillowy swirls and chocolate drip all scattered with Smarties, bit and small and ditto on the colourful sprinkle dots and hundreds and thousands. It’s an all round wonder of colour and yumminess.